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By Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins  
Tyndale House Publishers, 395 pp, 2003

This has to be the next to last book in the overly long and drawn out Left Behind series. The authors have made their millions and sacrificed the story to pump out more books and royalty checks. Not that I have a problem with making millions or receiving more royalty checks - it's sacrificing the story that bugs me. Story should always come first - anything else is a disservice to the readers.

This book takes us to the final battle of Armageddon, good versus evil, the mighty army of Antichrist versus the final remnants of believers and other rebels. It contains some surprising deaths, but they don't matter that much because they'll be back in the next book when Christ comes with his army and kicks booty all over Antichrist. That should be a fun book, because Jenkins must not only describe Christ and his heavenly forces, but after that a true heaven on earth, as Jesus establishes his thousand-year reign of peace, harmony, and justice.

This book isn't quite as action-packed as previous entries, and at times is filled with fluff and other stuff not essential to the plot, like pages of pointless dialog. It lacks decent descriptions of people, places, and things, and skims over potentially exciting scenes in favor of not so exciting scenes.

Armageddon doesn't really begin until the end, and the events leading up to it should have taken up more of this book. The whole book could have described the final battle before Christ showed up. Instead, we get a few dozen pages.

I'm glad the next book will be the last. I'll read it more out of a sense of duty and obligation, since I've endured the series this far. It should be the best book, and it darn well better be.

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