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The Bourne Ultimatum

By Robert Ludlum
Bantam Books, 662 pp, 1990

Robert Ludlum returns with the third and final Jason Bourne novel. It's just as good as the first two, with all the violence, action, political intrigue, and betrayal you could want. 

The main difference between this and the previous two books is the lack of hand to hand combat. Bourne rarely punches anyone. He mostly shoots and slips around on his creaky fifty-year-old bones. In the first two books, Bourne was practically indestructible, and beat up any and all foes with a variety of martial arts moves. In the second book he even dodges a speeding bullet!

But Ludlum makes some allowances for age, so now Bourne tires easily, gasps for breath after a short run, and gets sore muscles. He's getting old.

Although Bourne slows down, the novel doesn't. It's just as frenetically paced as the prior Bourne books, and a fitting conclusion to the Bourne series.

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