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Colonization: Second Contact

By Harry Turtledove
A Del Rey Book, 598 pp, 1999

Science fiction and alternative history writer Harry Turtledove continues the magnificent Worldwar series with Colonization: Second Contact. While not as action-packed as the first series, this book is a worthy successor to Worldwar and promises greater conflict in the next book.

It's now the 1960s, about twenty years after the Lizards reached a truce with the three not-empires of the earth: Communist Russia, Nazi Germany, and the United States. These three countries maintained their independence, as did Japan and Great Britain. Just about the rest of the world - Africa, Central and South America, Southeast Asia, Australia - went to the Lizards.

But the Race is having a harder time than they anticipated. A man named Khomeini is stirring up rebellion in Jerusalem, and the United States works on a top-secret project they call a space station. Someone blows up some Lizard ships filled with colonists, but the Lizards don't know who. And ginger continues to wreak havoc throughout the Race, especially with females.

Most of the characters from Worldwar are back, and some minor characters from that series play bigger roles in this book. Unfortunately, one of my favorite characters didn't make it to Colonization. Oh well.

This is a fine book. I've said this before, but Turtledove knows his history, and he applies the real stuff to a fictional setting in a compelling and believable way. Makes for great reading.

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