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Debt of Honor

By Tom Clancy  
Berkley Books, 990 pp, 1994

My quest to read the Tom Clancy books continues. I will read them in order as they were published. I'm referring to his Jack Ryan books, including Rainbow Six. I'll start the Ops Center and other series afterward. That is the plan and I am sticking to it.

Because this book is almost ten years old and I'm the last reader in the world to read it, I won't say much about it. Most know what it's about. I enjoyed it, found it hard to put it down, and finished it faster than I've ever finished such a long book.

Clancy's main talent is plotting. He weaves several divergent storylines into one coherent whole, with a wonderful sense of timing. He knows just when to merge plot elements. I still maintain, and probably always will, that his books are too complex, that he includes way too many characters and situations that add little to the book. For example, did he have to spend so much time on Ed Kealty's problems - couldn't the vice-president had just died?

And the now famous ending is eerily reminiscent of the real terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. Same weapon, different perp.

I can't wait to read Executive Orders - look for it soon, faithful readers.

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