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Nearer, My God: An Autobiography of Faith

By William F. Buckley Jr.
Doubleday, 313 pp, 1997

Despite the subtitle, this really isnít an autobiography. Yes, Buckley discusses his elementary education in various private schools, in Mexico City, France, England, and Connecticut. He describes the ordination of his godson Michael Bozell into the reclusive Benedictine order in Solesmes, France. He recounts his visit to Lourdes, although he spends most of the chapter going over its history rather than his own experiences there.

What Buckley does offer is a concise examination of Catholic doctrine. A devout Catholic himself, he explores various hot button issues like the infallibility of the pope, Christís divination, women as priests, etc. Iím not a Catholic, but I still enjoyed Buckleyís take on Catholicism and Christianity.

This isnít Buckleyís strongest book, nor quite as moving and insightful as advertised, but itís a fine addition to the constant debate between religion and secularism.

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