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The Remnant

By Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins
Tyndale House Publishers, 405 pp, 2002

That's right, folks, time for another Left Behind novel. They just keep on coming, racking up monster sales and royalty checks for LaHaye and Jenkins. I'm feeling better about this series than I have in a long time - as you may recall from my review of the previous book in this series, I thought LaHaye and Jenkins were sacrificing the story and stretching out the series to produce more books and more lucre. Happily, they have rectified that with The Remnant.

It didn't seem so at first. The first half of the book chronicles Mac, Chloe and Hannah's rescue of George Sebastian while Tsion and Rayford and Chaim hang out at Petra and Buck and Kenny and Leah (who is very annoying in this book) and Zeke hang out in Chicago. Chang hangs out in New Babylon and his sister hangs out in China. 

That's a lot of hanging, but the main action is the rescue, which of course succeeds with some help from their good buddy archangel Michael. The action is brisk if someone tainted by my own bitter suspicions of another Left Behind novel that advances one whole flipping day.

Now that I'm over that, I realize that one thing is missing, though LaHaye and Jenkins supply a bit more of it here. Killing. That's right - more blood, more gore, more death. And I'm not talking about the guillotine stuff or the nasty bowl judgments. I want to see the righteous Christians kick some more anti-Christ butt. I want to see them slay the infidels in their God-fearing cause of ridding the world of evil. George kills one (a woman, even!) in escaping from the GC, but I'd like to see more Trib Force warriors do the same. 

This is important because we're getting close to the end. The second half of the book makes up for the first half by leaping ahead and covering a few more judgments. The book ends with only one year to go before Christ's Glorious Return. So there's more killing and action ahead, not to mention the final great battle, the mother of all food fights, Armageddon, when Jesus gathers his army and anti-Christ rounds up his and they go toe-to-toe. Naturally, Jesus will win and peace will reign on earth for one thousand years.

But that battle better be good. You hear that, LaHaye and Jenkins? I want gore and guts, so much that Saving Private Ryan and Braveheart look like G-rated Disney cartoons in comparison. Because, way down deep in our primal beings, there is nothing more satisfying than watching (in this case, reading) good people beat the crap out of the bad guys.

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