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The Search

By Iris Johansen
A Bantam Book, 311 pp, 2000

Sarah Patrick is a tough-but-tender Search and Rescue babe who teams with her golden retriever Monty in flying around the globe and finding live and dead people victimized by disaster (earthquake, mudslide, avalanche, etc). 

She gets assigned to help John Logan find an employee taken hostage by an evil and sadistic killer in the jungles of Colombia. She hates Logan but later ends up in bed with him, of course. And, of course, they find the employee, but now Sarah and faithful Monty are the targets of the devious murderer. 

This isn't a bad book. It's well-written and well-paced, but a tad too complicated for its own good. I wonder if Johansen has even visited Arizona, since she places Sarah's cabin in the forest near Phoenix (desert all around) and also puts Apache Lake in the mountains (it's a desert lake). The characters are clichéd and just ho-hum.

This is generally a romantic mystery with some action, not much mystery, and a dog that falls in love with a wolf.

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