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The Walking

By Bentley Little
A SIGNET book, 373 pp, 2000

Those of you who have read my review of Bentley Little's The Summoning know that I wasn't impressed with it, but was willing to give him another chance. So I checked The Walking out from the local library, and was glad I did.

Miles Huerdeen is a private investigator. His elderly father suffers a stroke and dies a few months later. But his dad doesn't rest in peace. He walks. Around and around his room, eyes blank and staring at nothing, heart stopped, lungs still. He's dead, but up and moving.

Miles calls a buddy in the coroner's office and they come and take the boogying body away, after the proper drugs and restraints are applied. But the body disappears a few days later.

Now Miles is in a desperate search for his father. He discovers that others have died and walked. Some have died naturally, others hideously murdered. Will Miles find his dad? Will he discover the cause of the mysterious undead walking? Read for yourself.

Little also tells a parallel story, which impacts the main story, about Wolf Canyon, and the witch named William who establishes the town as a refuge for other witches harassed and persecuted by those close-minded, mean, nasty Christian folk. When are writers going to tire of this insulting stereotype?

Other than that, the book is quite good, suspenseful and at times scary. I haven't given up on Little yet.

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