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Louis Untermeyer

Vixen 03

By Clive Cussler
Bantam Books, 362 pp, 1978

Vixen 03 lives up to Clive Cusslerís estimable reputation. Itís intriguing and fast-paced, with wonderful political subterfuge and treachery.

Dirk Pitt makes a surprise discovery in a Colorado lake Ė a World War II era airplane, complete with skeletons and several gray canisters. These canisters contain a deadly bacteria developed during World War II, for which there is no known cure. A tiny droplet of this stuff would wipe out Manhattan and make it uninhabitable for three hundred years.

Unfortunately, some other folks have gotten to this plane before Pitt, and some of these canisters have ended up with a rogue terrorist government. Their target for this gas? Washington, DC. And only Pitt can stop them!

The plotís a bit far-fetched, but the novel is so fun to read, you donít really notice.

This is my second Cussler book. The first, Raise the Titanic, wasnít very good, I thought. But a friend told me that Cusslerís books get better, so I finally broke down and tried another. Luckily, my friend was right.

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