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West of Dodge

By Louis L'Amour
Bantam Books, 223 pp, 1997

The Lonesome Gods was the first Louis L'Amour book I read. I was still in grade school at the time, maybe sixth or seventh grade, and my grandmother loaned it to me. The book opened an exciting new world, the world of gunfighters and cowboys, cattle drives and boom towns, dazzling senoritas and cattle barons.

The world of Louis L'Amour.

Since then, I've read just about every book he wrote. My favorite books were about the Sacketts, such as The Daybreakers and Lonely on the Mountain. L'Amour died on June 10, 1988, and that made me very sad.

His two adult children, Beau and Angelique, have found previously unpublished stories, and several of them are included in West of Dodge.

The stories are all vintage L'Amour, if a just a tad more literary and insightful. All will satisfy the L'Amour and Western fan. If you're like me, and it's been a while since you've read L'Amour, pick it up, and you'll remind yourself why you loved his books.

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