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The Occasional Muse

Welcome to The Occasional Muse, my infrequently updated page containing my opinions on current events. This used to be The Weekly Muse, but such efforts proved too much for my work ethic, so now I publish whenever the muse hits me. Please check here often, because there really is no rhyme or reason for when I post new stuff. I hope you like it.

A Nation of Snots - August 28, 2004
The headline in my local paper caught my eye and interest: Feds send Florida hurricane victim $1.69.

Is 30 Years Too Long for Rape? - September 25, 2003
Is 30 years in prison too harsh a sentence for a rapist? Albert Stephen Farnsworth, 21, thinks so. According to the story, he feels the sentence will "stop him from getting married and starting a family."

Is a Recall Delayed a Recall Denied? - September 18, 2003
As you now know, a three-judge panel on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has delayed California's recall election until March.

The 2nd Anniversary - September 10, 2003
To all Americans, that headline should say it all. The evil terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 is still fresh in our memories, as if it happened yesterday.

Another Pimental Patrol - August 4, 2003
Arizona Republic columnist O. Ricardo Pimental revealed in a recent mini-editorial that he does not understand basic conservative philosophy.

Only Democrats are Bloggers - July 27, 2003
Joanna Weiss of the Boston Globe has suddenly discovered the world of Internet blogging. Stop the presses! What a scoop!

The International Community and Liberia - July 10, 2003
When I first heard that President Dubya was being urged by the vaunted international community to send U.S. troops into Liberia, my first thought was "Where the heck is Liberia?"

Power-Hungry High Court Endorses Discrimination - June 24, 2003
The wise, impartial, and humble Supreme Court on Monday established a novel legal tenant, one that may haunt America for decades: Racial discrimination in pursuit of diversity is no vice, and equal treatment in pursuit of opportunity for all is no virtue.

Making Slaves of Us All - June 18, 2003
Sometime before the summer is over, maybe even before July 4, a Republican Congress will pass the largest expansion of the welfare state in some 40 years, and a Republican president who calls himself a conservative will sign it.

Pimental Patrol - June 12, 2003
Today is a big day because the Muse introduces a regular feature: the Pimental Patrol. Quick, someone quell the excitement before it gets out of hand.

Phoenix's Bernard Law - and Bill Clinton - June 8, 2003
The brobdingnagian headline blared at the top of the Arizona Republic last Monday: BISHOP O'BRIEN ADMITS COVER-UP IN SEXUAL ABUSE CASES. It's a shocking story.

Superman's a Commie! - May 26, 2003
What images come to mind when you think of Superman? Christopher Reeve? Clark Kent? The red, white and blue uniform?

The Times, Jayson Blair, and Diversity - May 14, 2003
Former New York Times reporter Jayson Blair did some very, very bad things. He resigned, no doubt at The Times' strong suggestion, after being caught plagiarizing an article from a San Antonio newspaper. But his wrongdoings stretched back for years before that, with the full knowledge of senior editors, who responded by promoting him.

Santorum Gets a Bum Rap - May 4, 2003
By now, you've probably heard that Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, a conservative Republican, equated homosexuality with incest, bigamy, polygamy, and other forms of unconventional sexual activities. You've heard he's a bigot. You have heard wrong.

A Familiar Smear - April 22, 2003
O. Ricardo Pimental, a columnist for the The Arizona Republic, penned a particularly notable column last Thursday about affirmative action (AA) in higher education. As they say on sports talk radio, I'd like to break it down.

Find Saddam and Kill Him - April 11, 2003
With Baghdad now belonging to coalition forces and soon the Iraqi people, the worst of the fighting may be over.

Saddam's War Crimes are Legion - March 29, 2003
Funny story from UPI today.

"Chicken Hawks" were Right about Saddam - March 21, 2003
The war to secure America from a murderous dictator is well underway. By all accounts, the campaign to rid Iraq of Saddam Hussein and its weapons of mass destructions is going well.

Return of the Ditzy Twits - March 16, 2003
The Dixie Chicks have made a Texas-sized mess for themselves.

Dubya Meets the Press - March 7, 2003
President Dubya conducted just the second press conference of his presidency last night. He should be holding more press conferences, on a regular basis, live and in prime time.

Dubya's a King! - February 23, 2003
I'll bet you couldn't identify the exact moment American became a monarchy. Just when did George Dubya Bush, elected by the American people in 2000, become a king?

Dubya's a Racist! - February 12, 2003
So actor Danny Glover was cruising around Brazil the other day, and some reporter asks him if President Bush is a racist, as if Glover has some supernatural ability to gaze into another person's heart.

Powell Kicks Butt - February 5, 2003
Secretary of State Colin Powell laid a major whoopin' on Saddam Hussein today, but no one but the British seemed to notice.

A Nation Mourns - February 1, 2003
It didn't take long for the first tragedy to strike in 2003.

Random Muses on SOTU - January 29, 2003
For the first time since I started watching the State of the Union (SOTU) speech, I took some notes. So my thoughts and impressions are somewhat organized, for what they're worth.

Communist Claptrap - January 13, 2003
North Korea has been a pain in Uncle Sam's backside for several weeks now.

Looking Back, Looking Ahead - January 1, 2003
A new year is here. The year of our Lord 2002 is now history. But a new year doesn't appear in a vacuum. Events from the previous year intrude and demand attention.

Still Dreaming of a White Christmas - December 24, 2002
I'm a desert rat. I've known no other home than the desert metropolis of Phoenix. Needless to say, I haven't seen much snow, and I've never experienced a white Christmas.

Lott Finally Goes - December 20, 2002
In resigning as Majority Leader today, and ending a two-week nightmare for conservatives, Mississippi Senator Trent Lott did the right thing for the wrong reasons.

Lott Won't Leave, so Kick Him Out - December 16, 2002
We've learned what matters to Trent Lott. It's not his party, his country, or his constituents. Nope, that all pales in comparison to power. He must maintain it, and God help anyone who threatens it.

Senator Lott Should Go - December 12, 2002
Senator Trent Lott's thoughtless tribute to Senator Strom Thurmond has hurt Republicans and done incalculable harm to conservatives and conservatism. He should pay for it.

Now It's Christmastime - November 30, 2002
Yesterday, as millions of toilets flushed away the remnants of Thursday's turkey feast in that last, great, unheralded Thanksgiving tradition, our attention properly turned to Christmas.

Remember Thanksgiving - November 25, 2002
As I was wheeling the garbage can to the curb last night, a home down the block was lit up for Christmas, with icicle lights lining the eaves and a giant, inflatable, lit Santa Claus standing in the front yard.

What Happens Next? - November 17, 2002
The voters have given Republicans control of the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives. What will the GOP do with it?

Muses on the Election - November 8, 2002
As the election unfolded this past Tuesday, several pundits and talking heads said that it was historic. Well, it was and it wasn't.

In Defense of Buffy - October 27, 2002
This past summer, an organization called the Parents Television Council (PTC) claimed that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the worst show on TV. I beg to differ.

Torch and NJ Supreme Court Ignore the Law - October 2, 2002
It's now official: Robert Torricelli, aka The Torch, is above the law. And the New Jersey Supreme Court is a shameless butt monkey for the Democratic Party.

"If You Don't Cut, You Can Kiss My Butt" - September 29, 2002
I think we have a new Jesse Jackson rhyme.

Welfare Potheads? - September 22, 2002
President Ronald Reagan, much to the Left's chagrin, used to refer to welfare queens, mothers who stayed on public assistance for years and never attempted to become independent. If Arizona voters approve Proposition 203 this November, we'll have welfare potheads.

Keep Rage Alive - September 10, 2002
Remember this?

The Debate over Iraq - September 1, 2002
The major topic of debate among the TV talking heads and pontificating pundits is a possible U.S. war against Iraq.

Reparations - August 20, 2002
A small but passionate leftist fringe has kept this issue alive for years, but it wasn't until a few years ago that it achieved mainstream status. 

Al Gore's Stupid Op-Ed - August 8, 2002
When I read the first sentence from Al Gore's stupid op-ed in Sunday's New York Times, I had no clue what he was saying.

Gun Bias at the Associated Press - August 3, 2002
Conservatives, libertarians, and gun control opponents have long argued that the mainstream media has a pervasive bias against guns and gun rights.

An Israeli Atrocity? - July 24, 2002
Much has already been said about the Israeli air strike that killed a Palestinian terrorist along with 14 or 15 civilians. 

Jihad Junior - July 1, 2002
Most of you by now have seen this photo of the Palestinian toddler dressed as a suicidal murderer.

Child Sacrifice in the 21st Century - June 19, 2002
Various ancient cultures used to practice child sacrifice. The Palestinian Authority has resurrected this barbaric practice.