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"Write out of love, write out of instinct, write out of reason. But always for money."
Louis Untermeyer

Weekly Muse archive

The State of Sport - February 12, 2002
The Winter Olympics are underway in Salt Lake City, for those of you who care about such things. Maybe it's a personal failing on my part, but I've never understood the appeal of the Olympic games...

Those Crazy Priests - February 4, 2002
The Catholic Church had a bad, bad week. A lousy few weeks, actually.

The State of the Union - January 29, 2002
Overall, I think Dubya gave a good speech. He was especially strong when discussing the War on Terrorism...

Prisoners of War? - January 28, 2002
A big hullabaloo has been made over the U.S. treatment of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

Why the attraction to Castro? - January 21, 2002
Anita Snow of the Associated Press wrote an interesting little story yesterday. Forty "influential women from Washington State" flew to Havana to meet with Fidel Castro...

Sexy CNN - January 15, 2002
Ted Turner's Cable News Network created quite the stir when it ran and then immediately pulled ads for its latest anchor babe, Paula Zahn.

One Last Look at 2001 - January 7, 2002
All right, I admit it. I'm still obsessed with 2001. It was so rotten, I can't get it out of my head. Like the lingering stink of spoiled meat...

Good Riddance to 2001 - December 30, 2001
I like to think I'm a writer. I write this column and book reviews. I've published a few short stories...

A Christmas Muse - December 24, 2001
Like millions who celebrate the birth of Christ, both today and tomorrow, my wife and I observe and follow traditions.

A Muslim Crisis? - December 17, 2001
By now, I'm sure you've seen or at least heard of the Osama bin Laden videotape, in which he rejoices over the World Trade Center attack and removes any doubt that he was responsible for it.

Tis the Season - December 10, 2001
It's that wonderful time of year again, jam-packed malls, crowded parking lots, short tempers, rude shoppers, ruder employees.

True Heroes - December 3, 2001
If you haven't done so, check out Newsweek's awesome account of the heroic men and women on board Flight 93...

A Federal Case? - November 26, 2001
This week, the United States Supreme Court will consider and debate one of the weightiest, most important issues of our time.

Kangaroo Courts? - November 19, 2001
Last Tuesday, President Bush announced that any non-citizen arrested in the U.S. or overseas he deems a terrorist can be tried by a military tribunal...

What I Believe Part 2 - November 11, 2001
Last week I expanded on my own personal and political views and philosophies.

What I Believe - November 5, 2001
Thought we'd do something a little different with the Weekly Muse this week. I've been writing this column for about two months now...

Who's "Unworthy" Now? - October 29, 2001
Early last week, a writer for the New York Daily News wrote that the Arizona Diamondbacks were an "unworthy" World Series opponent for the New York Yankees.

Is Violence the Answer? - October 22, 2001
David Wells, a teacher at Arizona State University and human rights activist for something called the Arizona Alliance for Peaceful Justice...

The Bombing Continues - October 15, 2001
American and British attacks on military sites, terrorist camps, and communications centers in Afghanistan continue.

America Retaliates - October 7, 2001
It's finally happened. President Bush authorized military strikes against terrorist camps, air bases, and the Taliban headquarters in Afghanistan.

Kingsolver's Twisted Definition of Patriotism - September 30, 2001
Novelist Barbara Kingsolver recently wrote a piece for the San Francisco Chronicle in which she expresses alarm about her kindergarten-age child wearing red, white and blue to school the next day.

Bush's Speech - September 24, 2001
I thought President Bush delivered a great speech last Thursday night. He spoke with some eloquence and even poetry, all the while maintaining a somber yet resolute tone.

Why Do They Hate Us? - September 16, 2001
Many are calling the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, DC "senseless" and are asking why would anyone do such a thing.

Disaster - September 11, 2001
Imagine you are a passenger on one of the hijacked Boeings that crashed into the World Trade Center and Pentagon. The pilots have been subdued or killed...

The First Weekly Muse - September 3, 2001
Welcome to the first Weekly Muse!