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January 29, 2002

The State of the Union

Overall, I think Dubya gave a good speech. He was especially strong when discussing the War on Terrorism, which dominated the speech. The domestic side was a little weaker, and it was the only time Dubya fumbled some lines. Some domestic items were conservative, some not. 

Right off the bat, he reminded us that we were at war, and in a recession, but despite that, "the state of our union has never been stronger." I think he's right about that. Some good has come from September 11, and thank God for that.

I think Bush looked confident and self-assured. He showed a steely determination when talking tough to the terrorists and the governments who harbor, protect, and provision them. Those governments should be afraid. 

Didn't Attorney General John Ashcroft look awfully grim?

Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton drew the assignment of staying home, for security reasons. When the TV showed EPA chief Christine Whitman, my wife and I both thought it was Norton. Never realized they looked so much alike.

Do you think Dubya took a whack at Clinton when he said he would not be indifferent during the terrorist campaign, he would not stray from the task? Makes you wonder if September 11 would even have happened if Clinton had taken the same approach after the first WTC bombing in 1993.

Dubya's budget will include a small deficit, about $14 billion. That will probably grow as Congress starts spending our money, despite Dubya's plea tonight to curb spending. Not much chance of that. But no politician, Democrat or Republican, should whine about such a miniscule deficit. If they can't cut $14 billion out of a budget of over two trillion dollars, they're worthless and shouldn't complain.

Dubya did disappoint me by calling for an extension in unemployment benefits, as if that helps anyone. He later said that dependence on government is a bad thing. Then why extend unemployment?

He reiterated his support for private retirement accounts, and told Congress to leave the tax cut alone. Both good things.

My wife said she thought Donald Rumsfield was "kind of cute." I hope she thinks that of me when I hit 70.

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